The Sheikh has taught us that adab is one of the biggest secrets of the spiritual path. In order to facilitate these noble gatherings, we would like to remind everyone of the instructions of the Sheikh regarding the adab of the gathering:
  • One should always be on wudu’ during the lessons.
  • The murid must not miss any of the sessions for any reason. The Sheikh has stated, ‘It is disgraceful to intentionally miss a single mudhakara gathering.’ For Allah might transform one’s life at the hand of the Sheikh through a single point in one of the lessons.
  • Being late to the mudhakara session is an insult to the knowledge being taught. Often the madad (spiritual help) is contained in the first few minutes of the lesson. Please be seated in the hall at least ten minutes before the start of the session.
  • One should not yawn in the presence of the Sheikh, slouch, fidget, look at one’s watch or the like, because of the unconcern and lack of adab it shows. One must watch for the benefit Allah creates in the presence of the Sheikh as a cat waits at a mouse-hole.
  • Brothers are requested to cover their heads during the event; a white cap is preferable, but other Islamic head coverings are also permitted
  • Sisters are requested to wear a face veil (niqab) while in the Suhba area.
  • Please do not be critical of your surroundings and do not complain. If you have any legitimate concerns, please bring them to the attention of the organizers.
  • Exhibiting poor adab disrupts the spiritual haal of the event.
  • Please do not bring or use any recording equipment such as MP3 players to record the sessions. The organizers will take on the responsibility and the recordings will be 
made available after the completion of the event at
  • The Sheikh requests that no cameras, video recorders, or any other photographic paraphernalia be used at any time.
  • Please do not bring cell phones into the Suhba area. Please leave them in your rooms or in your car. If your cell phone rings in the lesson, you will be asked to leave and will not be permitted to return until the next day.