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UK Suhba 2024

Birmingham, Sep 12th to 15th

About Noble Road

The purpose of the Noble Road is to aid Sheikh Nuh Keller’s worldwide teaching of the Shadhili tariqa, a mystical Sufi order founded by Abul Hasan al-Shadhili seven and a half centuries ago in North Africa. It is a path to Allah Most High which combines the traditional spiritual practice of Islam, eternal verities of revelation, and Supreme Peace of true religious experience; in the Prophetic words, “to worship Allah as though you see Him.” Sheikh Nuh, author of Sea Without Shore, is the heir of Sheikh ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Shaghouri of Damascus, in an unbroken succession of teachers from the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and give him peace) to the present day. The Noble Road provides means and venues for the yearly suhbas or “Sufi convocations” that Sheikh Nuh conducts in India, Canada, Australia, England, Egypt, and the United States, and which allow him to teach traditional Sufi works, meet disciples, and answer questions. He is helped by his wife Besa Krasniqi (Umm Sahl), and Dr. Ashraf Muneeb and his wife Hedaya Hartford (Umm al-Khayr). Most suhbas are accompanied by the hadra or “public dhikr” of the Shadhili order, comprising group invocation of the Divine, rhythmic movement of everyone, and the singing of mystical odes by head vocalist Mohammad al-Ghazzawi, his brother ‘Abdullah, and others. Few hearts walk away the same. Inquiries are welcome.

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