Important Information for Sydney Zawiyah Accomodation

All brothers intending to stay at the Sydney Zawiyah during the Sydney Suhba are welcome to do so as long as they understand, agree and adhere to the following conditions:

– The Sydney zawiyah is available to accommodate brothers starting from the Thursday prior to the Suhba (first night being Thursday night) to the Tuesday after the Suhba (last night being Sunday night). Brothers are requested to organise alternate accommodation outside these dates.


– There is a fee for this accommodation option. The fee is set each year and is listed in the accommodation information for that year’s Suhba. The fee is payable upon arrival.


– The brothers are to provide their own bedding (sleeping bags/blankets/pillows). No mattresses or camping beds are allowed. Please take into consideration that the Zawiyah gets very cold during the winter and you will be sleeping on the ground. If this is not suitable for your needs, then please make alternate accommodation arrangements.


– Bedding and personal belongings must be packed away in the allocated storage area provided and sleeping areas cleaning up by 8:30 am every morning


– Please be mindful that there will be many brothers staying in the Zawiyah during the Suhba. Brothers who are sensitive to noise are highly discouraged from staying at the Zawiyah.


– Lights are turned off and gates will be locked at 11:30 pm every night and then re-opened at the time of Fajr. Brothers will not be allowed back in after 11:30 pm without a reasonable explanation. Hanging out with the family/friends is not a valid excuse.


– No food is to be consumed inside the Zawiyah at other than the scheduled lunch and dinner. Any food consumed outside these allocated times can be done at the rear pergola area outside the Zawiyah.

– Breakfast will not be provided at the Zawiyah. There are plenty of halal, Muslim owned retailers close by. Please see Zawiyah contacts for more information


– Please keep in mind that the Zawiyah has limited toilet and shower facilities. There are two toilet cubicles and one shower facility in the men’s toilet block. In order to use the showers, the men’s toilet block will have to be locked. Therefore, no one is able to use the toilets if someone is taking a shower. It is for this reason that the brothers are requested to be considerate and keep their showers to less than 5 minutes.


– Showers can be taken between the hours of 9:00 pm and 08:30 am and between the hours of 04:00 pm and 06:00 pm. We have allocated times for the toilet block to be cleaned, so please adhere strictly to these times.


Please advise the Zawiyah contacts if you have any special needs, requirements or general feedback.


Registration for the accommodation must be done via the Noble Road website by registering for the Sydney Suhba and choosing the Zawiyah accommodation option. Limited spots are available, so please register early.

Sydney Zawiyah Accommodation Telegram Group (brothers only) –