Day Rate Policy

Day rates are not available for the forthcoming U.K. & European Suhba. Everyone is strongly encouraged to make every effort to attend the entire Suhba. The Sheikh and our other teachers travel to us, even when ill, spending considerable time preparing and teaching lessons for our benefit. Where possible, we should try to replicate this striving, and display the utmost manners by attending every lesson given by the Sheikh and other teachers during their visit to the U.K. This may well involve a degree of sacrifice on our part, whether financial, taking time off, travelling, or leaving our children behind.

In order to facilitate attendance for the duration of the Suhba, the dates and costs for the Suhba have been released earlier than normal, in an effort to give people ample opportunity to book time off work and save.

Understandably, there will be people who wish to attend the whole Suhba, and who are willing to make the necessary sacrifices, but are simply unable to afford the cost. We wish to encourage such people to save over the coming months and to contribute whatever they can towards the cost of attendance, even if only a few pounds.

Any person who is not able to pay the full contribution of £180 is still able to attend the Suhba.

All can attend irrespective of financial circumstance and the amount of their contribution. It is worth reiterating this: no-one will be prevented or discouraged from attending the UK & European Suhba due to financial hardship.

To this end, the Noble Road has been set up and no-one will be asked to reveal their financial circumstance or the nature of their hardship. It is an application based on trust. All we ask is that people strive over the coming months to contribute towards the full cost of attendance.

Everyone should see their financial contribution as facilitating the Suhba. No-one should see the registration cost as a transaction for which they should get something in return. We hope people will not think they are only attending for two days so should only pay for two days. It may be that you attend only one lesson, yet have your whole life turned around. The costs of the Suhba have to be paid regardless. No organisation or individual are making any profit.

We are also giving people the opportunity to be chivalrous towards others. You may be able to pay extra, in addition to your own registration costs, in order to fund others to attend the Suhba. We encourage all such generous contributions, even an extra £10 or £20 is useful, and should not be underestimated. When registering online there will be an opportunity to make a donation. This donation will be paid to the Birmingham Shadhiliyya Trust, but will be used to subsidise the Suhba and other tariqa activities.

Finally, by way of example, on the twin themes of sacrifice and chivalry, we quote liberally from Sea without Shore:
Once for a period while I was working on the Reliance, my wife and I fell on hard times. Sheikh Adel asked if he could do anything to help. I thought for a moment, then told him we needed a number of chickens each month. So he would buy them at the market, have them slaughtered, plucked, and drawn, and deliver them to our door in his van. When someone asked about this, he said: ‘When I help someone, I don’t help him as I want. I help him as he wants.’ After his death I found out he hadn’t any money either at the time, but had borrowed it to get the chickens. All this spent on his hal.

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